Sensing Culture

Date added:  08/01/2021

Sensing Culture was a three-year multi-partner project with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) as the lead partner, and funded by £438,900 from…

SEND in Museums Project Resources

Date updated:  20/08/2019

  "The children were alert, joining in, had fun. It was a relaxed visit and we went with what worked well. The resource can be…

Special Schools and Museum Toolkit

Date updated:  19/06/2019

We are delighted to launch this unique toolkit which aims to provide museums with practical support to create inclusive and accessible experiences for people with…

Evaluation Planning Toolkit

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Evaluation is a way to help you understand and show others whether your work has met or exceeded your expectations. Evaluation planning should be built…

VisitEngland Market Research

Date updated:  26/04/2019

VisitEngland publishes useful research into tourism and leisure markets that museums can use both to inform their planning and to provide evidence for advocacy and…

Communication Strategies for the Digital Age Handouts

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Agnes Guylas' presentation Download Communication_Strategies_for_the_Digital_Age___AG_presentation_3.pdf... Kal Sajad's presentation     Useful Links Getting started with Twitter How to use Twitter - wikihow How to use Twitter - digital…

Disability Briefing

Date updated:  26/04/2019

A Disability Briefing presentation given by Brighton & Hove Council in November 2013. Download Disability_Briefing___Brighton___Hove_Council__Nov_2013.ppt...

Social Media Essentials Handouts

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Agnes Guylas presentation Download Social_Media_1___AG_presentation.pdf... Kal Sajad's presentation Download Social_Media_1___KS_presentation.pdf...

Kpontin – Interim Report

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Kate Pontin's interim report, May 2013, on her progress towards developing a regional visitor capture framework. Download KPontin___Interim_Report.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business…

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