Audience Champions Project



Audience Champions is a 2-year project which aims to help smaller (non NPO) museums to develop a data-driven approach to audience development through the use of Audience Finder. Participating museums will be supported to learn about how to collect, input and analyse audience data

The Museum Development Network and The Audience Agency recognise that there is currently a low level of confidence and experience in using audience data, particularly by smaller museum. The project includes:

  • 3 x training workshops
  • 121 advice with virtual mentor
  • Peer support / cohort working
  • 1 x Field Worker training (how to collect the data from your visitors)
  • Facilitated learning on using the Audience Finder tool
  • Guidance notes
  • Benchmarking reports
  • Final group report

Year 1 will be a supported programme which aims to help museum gain a baseline understanding of who their current audiences are, where they come from and using data and segmentation models to identify and understand the behaviour of potential audiences in their sub-region.   Field Worker training will be also available to guide Front of House teams on how to collect data from visitors.

Year 2 will focus on collecting data and embedding research. It will require museums to participate fully in Audience Finder and share their learning.  A final group report will be created for the team to use as a benchmarking tool.

Audience Champions in the South East

We have now successfully recruited a cohort of museums from Kent, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire to take part in Audience Champions.

  • Maidstone Museum
  • Royal Engineers Museum
  • Sandwich Guildhall Museum
  • The Seaside Museum, Herne Bay
  • Tenterden & District Museum
  • Abingdon County Hall Museum
  • Banbury Museum
  • Stanley Spencer Gallery
  • Pendon Museum Trust
  • Wycombe Museum
  • Dorchester Abbey Museum

Audience Champions during the Covid-19 crisis

Audience Champions was temporarily paused through 2020.

We are currently working with The Audience Agency to restart the project in Spring 2021.

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