Emergency Planning

Are you struggling to update, complete or even start your Emergency Plan?

We are inviting 10 museums from across the south east of England to join a special programme of training and specialist advice, designed to help you whip your Emergency Plan into shape.

The first session will cover a brief introduction to emergency planning, ways to prevent incidents/ emergencies and what makes a good emergency plan. The second session will look at salvage kits, roles in an emergency and first aid for fire and flood damaged objects.

This will be followed up with 1:2:1 surgeries with Claire Fry (Preventive Conservator, Spencer & Fry) to provide support on completing or reviewing your plan, share ideas on how to train colleagues/volunteers, and discuss any questions you may have.

Participants will be expected to:

  • attend two virtual group sessions (14 and 28 September)
  • one virtual 1:2:1 surgery with a mentor (October)
  • complete work/activities between sessions

By the end of the project, you will:

  • understand the role of emergency planning in relation to museum Accreditation.
  • understand why emergency planning is important
  • understand what makes a good emergency plan
  • understand how to test your emergency plan
  • understand how emergencies and incidents can be prevented
  • understand what to include in salvage kits
  • understand the different roles in managing an emergency
  • understand first aid for fire/flood-damaged objects
  • have completed/updated your Emergency Plans
  • have ideas on how to train colleagues/volunteers
  • know where to find more information and guidance

Who can apply?

This project is open to museums in the south east of England that are accredited or formally working towards accreditation.

If space allows, we will consider applications from non-accredited museums, nationals and NPOs.

How to apply?

Please submit an online ‘expression of interest’ before Friday 27 August (5pm).

Complete the Expression of Interest here

To help you prepare your answers for the Expression of Interest, have a look at the questions that appear in the form:

  • museum name and postcode
  • lead contact name, email, phone, job title
  • museum accreditation status (accredited, formally working towards accreditation, not accredited)
  • Does your museum have an Emergency Plan? If so, when was it last updated?
  • Which areas of emergency planning have you identified as needing improvement?
  • What do you hope to get out of taking part in this project?


 If you require a large print version of the Expression of Interest form, or assistance in completing your application, please contact office@southeastmuseums.org.

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