Nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK

By becoming Accredited, museums demonstrate to the public and to funders that they manage their collections to an agreed standard for the benefit of society, that they engage with their users, and that they manage public resources ethically and prudently.

Museum Accreditation can be seen as a toolkit to ensure you have everything in place to give the museum a secure future.

Accreditation covers three areas:

  • Organisational health
  • Managing collections
  • Users and their experience.

The scheme is run by Arts Council England.  If your museum is new to the scheme you will need to find out if you are eligible in the first instance by speaking with our Advisor (see below).

ACE have published guidance for Accredited Museums, as well as those Working Towards Accreditation or hoping to put in a new application that have been affected by the delay to the Scheme due to the pandemic: Museum Accreditation Scheme Covid-19 FAQs FINAL.pdf

Contact the SE Accreditation Advisor

Philip Claris, Accreditation Advisor

07483 163706


Philip has prepared the following fact sheets to help you to understand and translate the Accreditation Standard , and in particular what documents are required:

Accreditation Standard Mapping Final (Word)

This document will help you to map the 2011 Accreditation Standard with the latest version published in 2018.

Accreditation Required Documents (Word)

This document lists the documentation required in order to complete a full submission for Accreditation.

Guidance and Resources

The main Accreditation guidance can be found on the Arts Council website and on the Collections Trust website.

MDUK have created 4 video resources on the Accreditation Scheme which you can view on their website.

  1. Accreditation Webinar: Getting Started
  2. Accreditation Webinar: Organisational Health
  3. Accreditation Webinar: Managing Collections
  4. Accreditation Webinar: Users and their Experiences


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