Free Preventive Conservation Surgeries

We are offering free, one-hour preventive conservation surgeries to museums in the South East to help with collections care issues.

Conservation specialists, Spencer and Fry can offer 1-2-1 support to help you with any collections care concerns including pest management, environmental monitoring, advice about cleaning, managing hazards, and emergency planning.   They can also advise you on how to conduct audit of your collection’s preventive conservation needs, and support collections care funding applications.

To book time with Spencer and Fry, we need you to contact your local Museum Development Officer with the following information:

  • Museum name and accreditation status
  • Brief description of your question/problem:
  • How you want to be contacted (phone / Zoom / Teams / GoogleMeet / Skype / Whats App)
  • Contact name, email, phone number (and Skype username if wanting to use that; email alone is fine for Zoom, Teams or Google Meet)

Be sure to check our Preventive Conservation web page for helpful guidance covering the most common conservation issues.

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