Digital Access and Inclusion for your visitors: Producing content – Training Session 14 July 2020

Podcast:  How to get started in social media (includes inclusive digital communication):–E  There are other EMBED talks via on mental health, passport systems to support staff and volunteers and becoming an ally.

How tos:

Website Accessibility Law and Standards:

EMBED can support organisations with a Digital Accessibility Audit in how their website meets current standards.  People can get in touch via

The new Reopening Recommendations Support Service supports organisations in identifying barriers for disabled and neurodivergent visitors and customers and implement practical actions for intersectional inclusive practice in their reopening plans.  Part of these plans include digital communications.  Link is here:


Tutors/speakers: Becki Morris – Disability Collaborative Network (DCN) & Sarah Simcoe EMBED

Digital inclusive practice is a vital tool in all organisations, no matter what size or budget. It can support you in challenging preconceptions about your service, it can help to attract nonusers and it can increase your reputation as an inclusive organisation where people want to work, volunteer and visit. But what does Digital Inclusion mean? Digital Inclusion is ensuring that everyone, including disadvantaged groups, have the opportunity to access your organisations virtually and online and are therefore able to participate in, and benefit from, your offer.

This 90-minute webinar will support you and your museum in creating good, inclusive content. We will offer solutions and practical tips for getting ready for the post-lockdown world including making content accessible, planning content that reaches shielded people and groups, working with web developers and digital designers which are low cost or free and reflective of any budgetary constraints at this time. And we will consider what that means across the organisation, as a manager, as an employee and as a volunteer in understanding further the roles you all have to play in creating the digitally inclusive experience for your visitors.

This webinar will cover key areas:

  • Understanding the value of digital inclusion
  • Exploring the barriers to digital inclusion
  • Considering the roles and responsibilities of managers and employees
  • Practical advice, tools and tips for embedding digital inclusion in your online offer
  • Planning and delivery of online content including key information for your facilities and services
  • Working with web designers and developers
  • Highlighting the importance of implementing measures of success
  • And we will finish off with you considering what actions you can all take.

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