Materials from ‘Getting to Grips with Audience Data’

Outline of the day

Tackling shared audience data challenges

Seminar held at National Motor Museum, Beaulieu on 8 July 2015. Participants learned from case studies showing how museums around the subregion have gathered, analysed, interpreted and used user and non-user data to improve what they do and grow their visitor numbers; shared their own museum's good practice; worked on shared audience data challenges with colleagues from other museums and experts from the Audience Agency, Association of Independent Museums and Museum Development South West.

Download Audience_data_agenda_20150708.pdf…

Presentation by Kimberley James: Visitor Verdict at Gilbert White’s and the Oates Collections

Kimberley James explains how Visitor Verdict is used to improve the visitor experience at Gilbert White’s and the Oates Collections

Download Kimberley_James_Audience_Data_08Jul.pdf…

AIM Visitor Verdict

A free visitor experience benchmarking service for AIM members to improve resilience. Provided by AIM in association with its survey partner BDRC Continental with funding from Arts Council England. Especially designed for museums. Results for your museum are anonymously benchmarked against similar museums. Designed to be sustainable at low cost after Sept 2015.

Download AIM_Visitor_Verdict_Summary_v3.pdf…

Presentation by Stephen Munn, The Power of the Postcode for Museums

Stephen Munn shows how the National Motor Museum harnesses the power of the postcode to inform marketing decisions

Download Power_of_postcode_for_Museums_NMM.pdf…

Presentation by Mark Tomlinson: Visitor Finder at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery

Download Visitor_Finder_at_St_Barbe.pdf…

Visitor Finder, Audience Finder and Audience Spectrum from the Audience Agency

Discussing the potential of visitor feedback to drive improvement

Visitor Finder is the museums strand of Audience Finder, funded by Arts Council England, to help museums to understand and use visitor data more effectively. By working as a cluster with peer museums in your local area, Visitor Finder will help you to understand more about your visitors in the context of other museums. It provides insights into the demographics and profile, proximity, behaviour, attitudes and motivations of your visitors.

Referencing large data sets including Taking Part and the new Audience Finder national database, Audience Spectrum segments the population based on cultural engagement and participation, behaviours and preferences. For the first time, Audience Spectrum brings in museums and heritage attendance data in addition to arts attendance data to provide a shared segmentation language between the arts and museums sectors.

Audience Finder website

Interactive Audience Spectrum maps

Audience Spectrum general

Audience development planner

Sign-up link

South East Museums Annual Return

Rounding off the day with a benchmarking visit to National Motor Museum

South East Museums Annual Return: a survey to gather evidence to help demonstrate, and prove, the social and economic importance of museums both locally and regionally, to funders and stakeholders.

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