Reopening Case Study: Cromwell Museum

Date added:  10/07/2020

The Cromwell Museum in Huntington has kindly offered to share their Reopening planning documents to help others who are going through the same process. Museum…

Event Planning Template

Date updated:  24/06/2019

Useful template to assist you in organising events e.g briefings, networking events and exhibition openings. Download EventPlanningTemplate.doc...

Evaluation Planning Toolkit

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Evaluation is a way to help you understand and show others whether your work has met or exceeded your expectations. Evaluation planning should be built…

UCL Collections Review Toolkit

Date updated:  26/04/2019

This toolkit has been put together as a practical guide to help you review your museum collection. It documents the Collections Review process carried out…

Working Towards an Audience Development Plan

Date updated:  04/03/2021

Presentation from 'Working Towards an Audience Development Plan' workshop delivered by Nicky Boyd in January 2015 as part of the activities of the Hampshire Solent…

Infographics Toolkit – Re:Fresh Project

Date updated:  30/04/2019

The Infographics Toolkit was produced as part of the Surrey, East & West Sussex Museum Development Programme's 'Re:Fresh Project' in Summer 2014 to help museums think…

VisitEngland Market Research

Date updated:  26/04/2019

VisitEngland publishes useful research into tourism and leisure markets that museums can use both to inform their planning and to provide evidence for advocacy and…

Succession Planning Framework

Date updated:  10/05/2021

CyMAL: Museums, Libraries and Archives Wales, has published a new framework to help museum, library and archives services begin to consider and address succession planning…

Emergency Planning & Recovery Handouts

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Use the following plan to build up your own Emergency Plan which will be suitable for Accreditation puposes. Download Harwell_Emergency_Plan_Template.doc... Download Harwell_Emergency_Response_Team_Identification.doc... Download Harwell_labels.pdf...

Slow Moving Stock – The Curse of Retail Profits

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Slow Moving Stock - The Curse of Retail Profits Download Slow_Moving_Stock___Chris_Walton__Aug_2013.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business Continuity - Making it Work Emergency Plan:…

Kpontin – Interim Report

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Kate Pontin's interim report, May 2013, on her progress towards developing a regional visitor capture framework. Download KPontin___Interim_Report.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business…

Kent Collection Mapping

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Created by Jennifer Jackson, Finds Liaison Officer for Kent, for the 'Archaeology in Museums' trianing day. However, this mapping exercise can be used to capture…

Deaccessioning & Disposals in Small Museums, 2011

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Factsheet and classification of terms from Museums & Galleries NWS, 2011. Download Deaccessioning___Disposals_in_Small_Museums__2011.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business Continuity - Making it Work…

Heritage Assets – CIPFA Code, 2011-12

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Information for Local Authorities and recording their heritage assets. Download Heritage_Assets___CIPFA_Code_2011_12.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business Continuity - Making it Work Emergency Plan:…

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