Advice on Reopening Museums – Reopening Museums Toolkit

Updated 06/08/21

Museums play a critical role in society by contributing to dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures, facilitating cohesion in communities. To ensure that museums maintain public trust, the following toolkit will provide information to help you adapt to the current requirements for reopening.

This toolkit is designed to help museums to reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic in a safe and effective manner. It is available to download or view from the South East Museum Development website as a full document or as a series of fact sheets that you can use for the different parts of your organisation.  For this reason, you may find repetition on some pages.

Please bear in mind that this document has been written to provide practical advice, but the authors are not legal or medical experts. Please obtain specialist advice if you require it.

While we will do our best to keep the information in this Toolkit up-to-date, we ask you to please check the latest Government advice while you develop your plans.

Download Toolkit here [Word][PDF]

Fact Sheets

Step 4 – What does it mean for your museum[Word Version]
Are you ready to reopen? [Word Version]
Track and Trace[Word Version]
Staffing [Word Version]
Volunteers [Word Version]
Succession and Recovery Planning [Word Version]
First Aid Provision[Word Version]
Audiences [Word Version]
Interactives[Word Version]
Marketing [Word Version]
Access and Disability Inclusion [Word Version]
Schools, Learning and SEND [Word Version]
Finance [Word Version]
Risk and Liability (Word Version)
Social Distancing [Word Version]
Ventilation[Word Version]
Hygiene [Word Version]
Hygiene for Cafés and Catering Stations [Word Version]
Museum Toilets[Word Version]
Museum Shops[Word Version]
Collections[Word Version]
Security [Word Version]
Legionella risks during the coronavirus outbreak[Word Version]


Appendix 1: Market Prospects for ALVA Members when the pandemic abates
Appendix 2: Interim Forward Plan
Appendix 3: Security Checklist
Appendix 4: Risk Assessment Template
Appendix 5: Example Cash Flow Graphs
Appendix 6: Example Cash Flow Heading
Appendix 7: Example Risk Assessment
Appendix 8: Personal Protective Equipment and Cleaning Suppliers
Appendix 9: Caring for Heritage Collections during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Appendix 10: Tips for making loan boxes 
Appendix 11: Reopening – public and Facility Manager anxieties
Appendix 12: Covid19 Site works risk assessment template
Appendix 13: Covid19 Inside premises risk assessment template
Appendix 14: MoP Re-Opening Plan – Priority Task List
Appendix 15: Sustainable approaches to Museum Waste
Appendix 16: Introduction to ticketing for museums and galleries
Appendix 17: Events Industry Forum – working safely in the outdoor events industry
Appendix 18: NHS COVID-19 early outbreak management_AHC
Appendix 19: Customer Logging_A toolkit for businesses
Appendix 20: NHS Maintaining Records of Staff Customers and Visitor Logs FAQs
Appendix 21: Maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace
Appendix 22: NHS COVID-19 early outbreak management (tourist attractions)
Appendix 23: Safety Action Bulletin Example
Appendix 24: CPNI Security Minded Comms Virtual Tours Guidance
Appendix 25: The Tier System
Appendix 26: Hospitality Fact Sheet
Appendix 27: Covid 19 Action List
Appendix 28: COVID-19_Roadmap_Posters_STEP_3_2021
Appendix 29: Stakeholder and Influencer Toolkit
Appendix 30: MDUK Coronavirus bulletin 20210719


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