Succession and recovery planning

Updated 14/05/20

Before you open your doors, you may want to consider succession and recovery planning. You may already have a plan in place. You may not have considered one before. Whilst a plan is crucial for any kind of setback, it is even more important in uncertain times. The current situation is changing rapidly, so even a rough plan can help you think ahead for problems such as a lack of staff or volunteers (including Trustees) who may no longer be able to (or wish to) work at the museum.

 Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you have a Succession or Recovery Plan, or an interim Forward Plan?
  • If you have a plan, is it up to date and relevant?
  • Have you considered your staff and volunteers, changes in government guidelines and the risks of uncertainty?
  • Have you considered other local museums and organisations you could form partnerships with? Are there people in your area you could work with to share information, support each other and reassure your communities?
  • Have you considered unforeseen risks that may present themselves later?
  • Do you have an emergency list of contacts to get things organised if you need to work fast?


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

 Benjamin Franklin


Interim Forward Plan
Appendix 2

Succession planning framework

Succession Plan template

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