Sensing Culture

Date added:  08/01/2021

Sensing Culture was a three-year multi-partner project with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) as the lead partner, and funded by £438,900 from…

Basic Access Checklist

Date updated:  18/12/2019

A 3-page tick-box check list to start you on the right track on assessing access issues in your museum.  This check list is for guidance…

Guidance on accesible toilets

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Based on notes provided by Cassie Herschel-Shorland, Access and Museum Design Consultant, via the GEM list: The following provision is recommended and to meet…

Disability Briefing

Date updated:  26/04/2019

A Disability Briefing presentation given by Brighton & Hove Council in November 2013. Download Disability_Briefing___Brighton___Hove_Council__Nov_2013.ppt...

Shop Exit Survey

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Suggested questions to ask when compiling a shop exit survey, by Chris Walton, Aug 2013. Download Shop_Exit_Survey___Chris_Walton__Aug_2013.doc...

World Stories Final Report 2013

Date updated:  26/04/2019

The Final Report of the World Stories South East project, run between November 2012-March 2013 and funded through ACE Strategy Support Fund. Download WorldStoriesFinalReport2013.pdf... You…

Kpontin – Interim Report

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Kate Pontin's interim report, May 2013, on her progress towards developing a regional visitor capture framework. Download KPontin___Interim_Report.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business…

Josie Gale – FWW Centenary Presentation

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Presentation from Josie Gale, (Centenary Programme Museum Liaison Officer for English Regions) describing her role at the Imperial War Museum and about the Imperial War…

SEWS mental health project – report of phase 1, 2008

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Written by Jocelyn Goddard, Natalie Chambers, Neil Goddard, and Rebecca Linley for the Surrey, East & West Sussex Museum Development Service, 2008. Download SEWS_mental_health_project___report_of_phase_1__2008.doc... You…

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