Webinar: ‘Supporting disabled visitors in the post-COVID world’, 30 June 2020

Please note: We are working on providing closed captions to our training in the near future

Supporting Visitors in the Post Lockdown World

EMBED-DCN Training Chat Feed 30-6-2020

Tutors/speakers: Becki Morris Disability Collaborative Network (DCN) and Sarah Simcoe EMBED

Customer Service within any organisation is typically the first point of contact for your existing and future customers and visitors. Having inclusive and accessible customer service that considers intersectionality of their visitors and customers, is therefore critical to the reputation of your organisation as an inclusive employer and destination.

In the post-lockdown society, ALVAs recent visitor survey data revealed that 54% of visitors will wait to see what happens in museums and art galleries before deciding to visit. 18% of people have a fear of crowds, overcrowding and public spaces which are too busy or have too many visitors with some have commenting that they need to be 100% sure that they could maintain social distancing whilst visiting a museum.

Other museums have identified visual identification of disabilities as a way of accessing services, when 80% of disabilities are hidden. It is also critical that we don’t not forget our people, the front of house employees that will be part of that inclusive and accessible experience – we have an obligation to ensure that they too are support and equipped in the post lock down world.

This 90-minute webinar will support you and your organisation in supporting your visitor teams to raise their awareness
and understanding of inclusive customer and visitor service and the role they play. We will also explore key steps needed
in order to ensure visitor teams feel supported and enabled to support the visitor experience.

This webinar will cover key areas:

  • Introduce inclusive practice and inclusive intersectionality
  • Understand disability inclusion and accessibility in content of post lock down
  • Provide an overview of the legislative frameworks, rights and responsibilities
  • Explore the importance of disability inclusion within visitor service
  • Consider the journey of your visitors and the barriers they may face, with practical tips, advice and support to create inclusive spaces
  • Discuss the role of Visitor Teams as part of this experience
  • Identify potential barriers in the post lock down world for your visitor teams and the visitors
  • Help to build confidence in delivering inclusive service to disabled visitors.

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