Heritage Counts 2017: Heritage and Society

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Looking for evidence to support advocacy or funding applications? The report Heritage and Society 2017 is produced each year by Historic England on behalf of…

UCL Collections Review Toolkit

Date updated:  26/04/2019

This toolkit has been put together as a practical guide to help you review your museum collection. It documents the Collections Review process carried out…

Kent Collection Mapping

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Created by Jennifer Jackson, Finds Liaison Officer for Kent, for the 'Archaeology in Museums' trianing day. However, this mapping exercise can be used to capture…

Deaccessioning & Disposals in Small Museums, 2011

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Factsheet and classification of terms from Museums & Galleries NWS, 2011. Download Deaccessioning___Disposals_in_Small_Museums__2011.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business Continuity - Making it Work…

Heritage Assets – CIPFA Code, 2011-12

Date updated:  26/04/2019

Information for Local Authorities and recording their heritage assets. Download Heritage_Assets___CIPFA_Code_2011_12.pdf... You might also like Emergency Plan: Business Continuity - Making it Work Emergency Plan:…

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