Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Agreement Template

Simple agreement template to support the development of effective peer-to-peer mentoring relationships. Peer support can be really helpful to mentors, supporting us to reflect on…

Succession Planning Framework

CyMAL: Museums, Libraries and Archives Wales, has published a new framework to help museum, library and archives services begin to consider and address succession planning…

Energy Action Group

Energy Action Group - Article Download Action_on_Energy_2.pdf... Energy Action Group - Information Download

Mentoring: Making it Work for You

Mentoring: Making it Work for You Committed to personal development? Interested in having a mentor, but not sure how to start? This short guide explains…

All Change Please, July 2011

A report produced by Renaissance South East based on the evidence gatehred from a regional strategic needs analysis of museums.  July 2011. Download Reports___All_Change_Please__July_2011.pdf...

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