Learning Access and Interpretation virtual meeting, 15th July

This first virtual meeting focused on formal learning provision after lockdown.  It included a look at Online Learning Resources, a summary of the Government Guidance around


11.15am             Welcome

11.20am             Online learning resources for small museums
Diving Museum sharing their experiences of working with the Smithsonian to add their resources to Learning Lab

11.30am             ‘How to’ presentation on Learning Lab from the Smithsonian (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FnU1XLqyvo)

12.00                   Q&A / Discussion on online learning

12.30pm             What are schools looking for on reopening?
Summary of current thinking, including national and local research results – Katrina Burton, MDO

12.50pm             Thoughts on learning provision in the future – NMRN, Claire Hargreaves & Estelle Baker, IoW Museum Service

1.20pm               Discussion of Opportunities and challenges

1.45pm               Meeting ends

The PDF presentation includes links to example Online Learning Resources, Government guidance for schools for the Autumn term 2020, and the results of a survey with teachers undertaken by the Museums and Schools programme on the Isle of Wight.

The presentation also includes a link to the Learning Lab ‘How to…’ guide put together by the Smithsonian. This was kindly put together by Tess Porter at the Smithsonian to show how museums of any size could create their own online learning collections for free using the Learning Lab platform.

There are also notes summarising shared experiences from the meeting and chat.

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