Advice for Museums Facing Closure – Advice Sheet

We are aware that the Covid-19 lockdown measures have put financial strains on every museum.  For some, the loss of income during the busy Spring and Summer seasons threaten the museum’s ability to continue operating in the long-term.

SEMD are offering free, private surgeries to help you review your museum’s position, talk through the options available to you and help identify the actions you need to take.

The surgeries are delivered as confidential, structured conversations with your Museum Development Officer and/or other members of the SEMD team.  We have secured pro bono advice on the legal and governance issues you may be facing.

To book a surgery, please contact your Museum Development Officer.

Helpful resources if you believe your museum is within 4 to 8 weeks of closure:

Is my Museum at risk of closure?

If you believe your museum is within 4 to 8 weeks of closure:

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