Exhibition Planning no.2: ‘Design & Installation’, The Lightbox

Event Date:3 March 2020 10:30 am — 3 March 2020 3:30pm

10.30am – 15.30pm. Arrival at 10.30am, first speaker starts at 10.45am. A light Lunch will be provided.

This will be an introductory look at the practical considerations when planning an individual exhibition &/or long term programming. The session will include real project case studies from museums & gallery projects, and hope to cover the follow questions:

  1. Where will my design skills & ideas come from? – what can museums and galleries do ‘in-house’ and what the benefits might be e.g. working to budgets, upskilling staff and knowing the risks of bringing stored items out for display, including de-installation.
  2. What will working with professional exhibition designers lend to the exhibition planning and installation process? – Tips from external company designers and internal museum designers/curators, e.g. physical layout & flow, good lighting and props, visual design, narrative and installation techniques pros and cons.
  3. How and when should I use technology experiences in exhibitions? Examples from design companies and museums, focusing on new and established tech.

 Attendee Learning Level: This training has been devised as beginner-intermediate level. Museums will be interested to work towards quality benchmarks. It has been designed for; small-medium sized museum staff/volunteers with little exhibition design support within their own museum, but with medium level experience of creating exhibition work; newer staff who have not yet undertaken new exhibition spaces or longer standing staff who may not have invested in major changes to galleries for some time; those in job roles which have the responsibility as part of their job role, and who want to hear about other case studies; new starters who have an interest in developing this area as CPD.

General learning outcomes of the Exhibition Planning training series 2019-21:

  • Refresh your awareness about current best practice for managing the programming & planning of exhibitions.
  • Be encouraged to get involved with all types of exhibitions processes & techniques.
  • Broaden your knowledge about what can be achieved by working in partnership.
  • Become more confident to plan exhibitions thoughtfully and creatively in order to attract new audiences.

Location: The Lightbox

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