Environmental Monitoring and Control during Covid-19

Event Date:7 December 2020 10:00 am — 7 December 2020 11:30am

Environmental monitoring and control play an important role in collections care. Many of our historic collections are susceptible to damage from incorrect or fluctuating humidity. Risks to objects include cracking at low humidity, warping and efflorescence of salts in constantly fluctuating humidity and mould growth, pest attack and corrosion at high humidity.

Alongside these concerns we have the current scientific evidence suggesting that the spread of Covid-19 is more prevalent in drier conditions, stimulating discussion about whether environmental control could be used to slow the spread, despite relative humidity over 65% potentially causing damage to historic collections particularly through mould growth which has its own associated detrimental health effects.

 Join Charlotte Tomlin, conservation specialist with Spencer and Fry, for a friendly Zoom training session to refresh your knowledge of environmental recommendations, monitoring and control options and effects that may be felt in the face of Covid-19.

This is a Zoom event, sign up here.

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