Creating Family Friendly Interactions in Museums during the New Normal

Event Date:21 October 2020 10:30 am — 22 October 2020 12:30pm

Wednesday 21 October, 10.30am-12.30pm & Thursday 22 October, 10.30am-12.30pm

Ensuring interactions are friendly between people working in visitor facing museum roles and families has never been more important.

As families start to return to museums after lockdown, research shows that this audience want to feel safe, welcome and that staff are patient. In this virtual training session aimed at front facing staff and volunteers we will:

·       Find out why family visitors are an important part of your visitor profile and gain an understanding of the key concerns families have about visiting museums post-lockdown.

·       Develop ways to tackle common scenarios together which might arise from families visiting your site whilst Covid restrictions are in place.

·       Explore how you can use playful and safe ways to interact with families which are relevant to your site.

This virtual training workshop will be delivered over two half day sessions (two hours with a short break). The sessions will be delivered with consultant Sarah Shaw, former National Family Interpretation Manager for English Heritage, where she implemented a family friendly training and development programme for all front facing staff and volunteers across the organisation.

The training workshop is open to staff and volunteers from museums across the south east. They are more suitable for those working in front facing roles who are interacting with families on a regular basis in the museum.

The workshop is free but booking is essential.  Places are limited to one per museum.  This training session will be conducted via Zoom and we will send you the link before the event.

Agenda for the two half day sessions:

Wednesday 21 October

10.30-10.45am   Welcome
10.45-11.15am   Presentation: Why family visitors are important to museums and what are their worries about returning?
11.15-11.30am   break
11.30-12.25pm   Group activity: Tackling common scenarios
12.25-12.30pm   What will happen in the next session


Thursday 22 October
10.30-10.35am   Welcome
10.35-10.50am   Discussion: What did you plan to put into practice from the last session?
10.50-11.20am   Presentation: Making family interactions playful
11.20-11.30am   break
11.30-12.20pm   Group activity: Using playful interactions scenarios
12.20-12.30pm   What’s next and recommended reading to support your work

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