Ready to Borrow Small Capital Grants Scheme

Introduction to the scheme

We are delighted to launch a new round of ACE funding for small scale capital projects in the South East.

The South East Region has been delegated a further £420,000 spread over two rounds of funding.

Applications are now open for museums to apply for the first round of funding. £210,000 will be available now and another £210,000 available next summer.

Please be aware that the 2nd rounds are sometimes over subscribed so get your application in early!

The Ready to Borrow Capital Grant Scheme aims to deliver:

•  An increase in the number of Accredited non-national museums able to take loans from National museums or Major partner museums

•  An improvement in the infrastructure and capacity of the SE region to manage significant and strategic loans

Your Museum doesn’t need to have a specific loan item in mind from a national museum or major partner museum; nor is obtaining or applying for GIS an essential criteria to securing a small grant. This funding is intended to support capital improvements which enable a museum to develop its loans programme in the future; and which adds to the infrastructure of the region.

Priorities and Key Requirements

  • Museums can apply for capital grants up to a maximum of £50,000
  • Museums must be working within the Arts Council England Accreditation Scheme.
  • Preference will be given to museums who have not had a loan from a National or Major partner museum before or been able to meet the requirements of GIS (this includes museums in receipt of Small Capital Grant Funding)
  • Museums must be able to capitalise the related capital expenditure on their balance sheet
  • Grants for year one must be committed by 31st March 2017. Activities must have started before 31st March 2017 and any funds committed need to be spent and capitalised by 31 March 2018
  • All receipts/evidence of expenditure and case study material must be provided to SE Museum Development Programme by March 2018
  • Environmental impact must be a criterion in decision making, with preference given to lower carbon impact proposals. Museums should demonstrate in their application what the environmental impact will be
  • Grant recipients must provide a minimum of 10% match funding in cash or in kind support

Please read the guidance notes below before applying.

To make an applicaiton complete the form below and email it to Katharine Hale by 9am on Monday 3rd October 2016.

Send applications to

Email Kat Hale if you have any questions

Download Appendix_1___Ready_to_Borrow_Capital_Grant_Scheme_Guidelines_2016_17_2.pdf…

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