Changing perceptions of the roles of museums in interpreting history

Event Date:30 July 2021 2:00 pm — 30 July 2021 4:00pm

Changing Perceptions:

This session gives an introductory overview of changing ways museums in the United Kingdom have interpreted history from cabinets of curiosities to the 21st century museum as an agent of social justice.

We will be looking at how colonialism and enslavement have shaped museums’ representation and interpretation of diverse histories. There will be opportunities for participants to discuss and reflect on the discussions the session will elicit.

This will be an online session over Zoom, led by Isilda Almeida, an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, with over 20 years’ experience in heritage audience engagement, and Maurice Davies, a cultural consultant who has advised museums for over 30 years.

The session is open to all staff, volunteers and trustees working in museums in the south east but will particularly suit those in small to medium-sized museums who are just starting to consider Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Please note: this event is being run by South East Museum Development. By signing up to the training you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions, including completing the post session evaluation.

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