Resources from Review and Recruitment for Your Museum Trustee Board Workshop, 12th September 2019, Brooklands

Attended by museum trustees and those working directly to a trustee board, this workshop was kindly hosted by Brooklands Museum, and supported financially by the Association of Independent Museums.

Some trustee speed dating

The lively workshop included presentations and discussions of the following areas:

  • How do you know whether you have the right people on your board? Different approaches to skills audits, reviewing your board’s performance and ongoing succession planning
  • How can your working practices help you attract new trustees? Approaches to meetings, role descriptions, committee structures
  • How do you recruit and select the right people for your board? Communicating what you’re offering to potential applicants, selection approaches and managing an informal interview process.
  • The Association of Independent Museums and its support for independent museums.
  • Museum Accreditation – governance and planning requirements.

The speakers were:

Please click links to download PDFs.

Additional resources discussed during the workshop:

o   Successful Governance in Independent Museums

o   AIM Guides for Boards – Doing a governance audit

o   AIM Guides for Boards – Keeping up to date – reviewing your organisation’s governing document & legal form

o   AIM Guides for Boards – Successful away days for boards of museums

o   AIM Guides for Boards – Effective Meetings: engaging trustees and building a strong team

o   AIM Guides for Boards – Running an open recruitment process

o   AIM Guides for Boards – An introduction to museums for new trustees

o   AIM Golden Rules for Good Governance

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