Making the Most of your social media Resources – 3 November 2020

About this Event

What was it about?

Exploring the right platforms for you and your organisation. With a focus on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How do you create a compelling story when you’re building is open, never mind when it’s closed? In this session we looked at the fundamentals of using social media, tone of voice, and how to develop great content. We also touched on paid advertising, organic advertising and social media analytics.

What will you gain?

  • An overview of the purpose of different social media platforms and how you can best use each one to achieve your goals
  • An understanding of the principles of tone and content development on social media.
  • An introduction to paid advertising on social media
  • Overview of social media analytics and how they can help you measure performance and inform future activity

Who is it for?

This session is for those who look after their organisation’s social media messaging. Pitched at those with an understanding of how the different platforms work and who want to gain confidence in how they’re using social media.

Delivered by:

This session was managed by Arts Marketing Association and delivered by Martin Jefferies from English Heritage.

Please note: this event was run in partnership with Museum Development East Midlands.

Making The Most Of Your Social Media – Slides

Making the Most of Social Media – Resources

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