Making online content work for you – 24 February 2021

Can museums make any money from online content?   In this session we hear from three very different museums about the ways in which they have responded to the Covid crisis by creating new virtual offers.  We also find out how they have been able to generate income on the back of those offers.  We hear how Southampton City Museums have developed charged-for virtual schools, adult and families workshops.  We discover how Chawton House worked with a shoe-string budget to create a series of popular online ticketed festivals.  And we also find out how the Tank Museum were able to use their online events to drive donations and shop sales.

This is an opportunity to hear from those on the ground about the successes and pitfalls of generating income from new online content.

This session is particularly aimed at those interested in developing their online learning and events provision in museums across the south east, and those keen to explore how to monetise those offers.

Data on current and future audience engagement with digital:


Links to relevant articles on making money from online content:


Case studies on how to create online content:


Examples of good online content from museums:

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