Materials from Hampshire Solent ‘Caring for Paper-Based Collections’ Event 6 March 2015

Materials and resources from 'Caring for Paper-Based Collections' Event facilitated by Ruth Stevens and Julie Fitzgerald of the Sussex Conservation Consortium on 6 March 2015 at the Gurkha Museum, Winchester.

Sussex Conservation Consortium website

Training handout

Download SCC_handout.pdf…

Instructions to make a simple four-flap folder

Download SCCTraining_4flapfolder_2_pieces_of_card.pdf…

Instructions to make a Melinex wrapper

Download SCCTraining_Melinex_wrapper.pdf…

Instructions to make a simple front-fastening phase box

Download SCCTraining_Simple_front_fastening_phase_box.pdf…

Resource list and contacts for suppliers and further advice

Download Resource_List.pdf…

What is a fascicule and how can one help you to care for your paper-based collections?

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