Health & Wellbeing in Museums Toolkit

The Beaney hosted their ‘Museum Reflections Part 2: Diversity and Representation Conference’ on Monday 28 June 2021.

At the conference, they mentioned the upcoming launch of ‘The Beaney Health and Wellbeing in Museums Toolkit’ which is now available to view on our website.

The toolkit provides the reader with a step by step process for planning Health and Wellbeing activities, including considerations on:

● Making your programme relevant by understanding the needs of your local
● Linking up with community partner organisations
● Planning activities
● Funding
● Evaluation
● Links to useful resources

The toolkit has been piloted with local museums and developed with their feedback which was incorporated into the final document alongside case studies from The Beaney, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust and The Amelia.
It also includes input from volunteers, participants and facilitators at The Beaney.

This toolkit was developed using funds through their work as part of the Kent and Medway Museums Consortium Portfolio NPO supported using funding from Arts Council England.

Further Reading

There were a number of resources shared in the conference chat box and discussions which may be useful in your work going forward which are listed below:

Arts Council England: Essential Reading; Inclusivity and Relevance.

Lived experiences of ableism in academia by Nicole Brown

Ableism in Academia by Nicole Brown and Jennifer Leigh

The Weaving Connections online exhibition

Bristol Museums Blog: Collecting to Represent the Climate Movement

Bristol Museums Blog: Collecting Bristol’s History

Bristol Museum Blog: Covid Collecting

Bristol Museum Narratives: Black Lives Matter Protests, 2020

Bristol Museum Narratives: Bristol’s Response to Coronavirus

Guidance from a collaboration between the Wellcome Collection and the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries: An ethical approach to interpreting disability and difference

The Powell-Cotton Museum ‘Reimagining the Museum’ project vision statement

Art on Display. Formas de expor 1949-69

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