Materials from EU Funding Workshop 3

Materials from Workshop 3 of the Hampshire Solent European funding project, held at Chilcomb House on 17 May 2016.

Further information about the project can be found here.

Workshop 3 objectives:

  • Understanding the timescales and next steps to deliver effective bids
  • Looking at how to develop partnership agreement
  • Review of draft project bids, including collaboration between groups to review one another’s bids and provide constructive feedback
  • Knowing sources of support for submission of successful bids
  • Setting of follow up activity to be undertaken by participants prior to submission of bids

Colleagues from partner organisations in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Finland, Poland and France joined the workshop in the afternoon via video conference.

Presentation by project consultant Laurie Barriol of Inspire EU

Download EU_funding_workshop_3_SEMD__LB_17_05_2016.pdf…

At the workshop we launched two important new resources: EU Funding 'Top Tips' and EU Funding Jargonbuster.

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