Emergency Planning in Museums – learning from the Clanden Fire; Surrey History Centre on Friday 12th February 2016.

Emergency Plans and the Accreditation requirements

Elaine Sansom, Museum Development Officer, Surrey and Sussex

Download Emergency_Planning_and_Accreditation_presentation_.pdf…

Learning from the Clanden Fire – from the perspective of the Surrey Infantry Museum

by Stephen Johnson, Museum Curator.

Download SHC__Workshop_February_2016.pdf…

Learning from the Clanden Fire from the Fire Brigade’s perspective

by Assistant Group Commander, Andrew Treasure

Download Andrew_Treasure_Clanden_Park_v4_1.pdf…

Learning from managing the Emergency from the National Trust’s perspective

by Claire Nodder, Clanden House Manager and Assistant Conservation Lead, National Trust




Download Claire_Nodder_SE_Museums_Feb_16_First_presentation.pdf…

The importance of training and table top exercises in Emergency Planning

Siobhan Barratt, Conservator Knole House, National Trust

Download Siobhan_Training_for_Emergency_Plans_and_Procedures.pdf…

National Trust Materials

The National Trust has developed a range of materials for use by staff and volunteers engaging responding to an Emergency.We are very grateful to the National Trust for shareing these resources with the SEMD.

Download National_Trust_Salvage_leaflet.doc…

More Support in the SEWS region

You can contact our Preventive Conservation Officer, Emily Nisbet-Hawkins, for further Emergency Planning support and for the SEWS Salvage Kits.

Or you could contact our Accreditation Advisor Kate Hebditch for specific advice around Emergency Planning for Accreditation.

Shared Harwell’s Priority User Agreement

Currently there are 2 networks of museums (Surrey Museums Partnership and the Sussex Museums Group) that share the annual cost of the Harwell scheme – the more museums who take part, the cheaper the cost! Contact SMP or SMG for futher details of how to join,

SE Museums website resources

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