Donation Boxes in Museums

AIM is pleased to introduce the first of a new series of publications called ‘Quick Guides’.

The AIM QUICK GUIDES have been developed to provide useful and relevant information across a range of topics to help support the work of independent museums.

Researched and written by Professionals in the museum sector, the QUICK GUIDES offer practical help in a shorter format to our SUCCESS GUIDES allowing us to cover particular topics in more depth.

These guides can be viewed online in PDF format or downloaded and printed.

The first publication in this series is ‘Donation Boxes in Museums’ which has been produced by Judy Niner and Amy Richards of Development Partners, sponsors of the AIM National Conference 2015 June 18 – 20 at ss Great Britain, Bristol.

On-site donations can play an important role in a museum’s overall fundraising strategy for two principal reasons.

First, the very presence of a donation box reinforces the charitable nature of the museum. Secondly, the income itself (with Gift Aid) can be significant, whether unrestricted or allocated to a specific project.

This new Quick Guide will support you with the box design, placement and promotion of your donation boxes, plus it offers tips on donation amounts and Gift Aid too.

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