Creating a Family Friendly Environment on Reopening Resources – 27 July 2020

SEMD family friendly reopening presentation 27 Jul 20

Family Friendly Reopening – regional picture

Creating a Family Friendly Environment on Reopening – notes

What concerns do families have about returning to museums? How can you create a welcoming environment for your family visitors?
Museums are operating in a very different environment, with many of our usual family activities and interactives made impossible by the restrictions, so how can we ensure our family visitors have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience?

This hour-long webinar with Laura Bedford from Kids in Museums was packed with information and top tips on how to welcome families back to your museum following the Covid-19 lockdown. Based on research from across the UK, Laura provided practical advice about overcoming the key challenges museums are facing.

This training webinar was aimed at staff and volunteers from museums across the south east who are keen to welcome families back in a safe and positive way.

The webinar was conducted via Zoom.

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