Historic Swale

A resilient and sustainable museums and heritage sector in Swale that contributes to the future development and appreciation of culture and heritage in the Borough, where community involvement celebrates and shapes the future of lifelong learning, recreation and well-being, and where the Borough’s heritage assets are preserved and utilised.

Purpose, role and responsibilities of group:

  • To act as an information and learning network
  • To facilitate internal and external communication, consultation and liaison.
  • To achieve economies of scale in joint initiatives.
  • To influence policy development and strategy formulation on behalf of the Heritage Community.
  • To help promote Swale’s heritage and the care of collections, including Isle of Sheppey, Sittingbourne, Faversham and surrounding rural areas.
  • To help raise the standards in museum practice.
  • To provide technical, practical and mutual support.
  • Mutual promotion and increased public awareness of member organisations and heritage opportunities.
  • To facilitate regular Swale Heritage Forum meetings with the wider Swale heritage community.


The Swale Museums Group members should meet four times a year, with separate Working Group meetings as required.

Chairman & Deputy Chairman / Secretarial:

A Chairman should retire after two years, and a new chair elected. The Chairmanship should be rotated around the borough. Secretarial services should be provided by member organisations if no other is available.

Swale Museums Group Membership:

  • The Swale Museums Group members include representatives from all museum, heritage centre and heritage attractions across Swale together with the Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne, Sittingbourne Society, Faversham Society and Sheppey History Society.
  • Swale Borough Council representatives
  • Kent & Medway Museums Development Officer
  • Swale Museum Group members may invite to attend meetings any individual(s) deemed necessary to further the work of the group.


Member organisations are responsible for organising (no more than two, normally) attendees to the meetings, and for ensuring the dissemination of information to and from their own organisations. Should there be a need to take a vote on any issue each organisation will have one.


Please contact MartinGoodhew@swale.gov.uk for details on joining.


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