BOB Museum Development Advisory Panel

The work of the BOB Museum Development team is informed and guided by an Advisory Panel of individuals drawn from the local museum community.

The Advisory Panel is a conduit between the wider museum community and the Museum Development Programme and ensures that their activities remain relevant to the needs of the local museums. The Panel Members, collectively and individually, act as ‘critical friends’ to the Museum Development Officer by informing and guiding the delivery of the annual activity plan.

The work of the Advisory Panel encompasses:

– Shaping the development of future activity plans through consultation with the BOB museums community.
– Informing and guiding the work of the Museum Development team by providing local knowledge and offering specialist expertise and acting as ‘critical friends’.
– Providing insight on key local issues
– Acting as a ‘champion’ for museums in BOB.
– Monitoring the progress of Museum Development activities.
– Providing an opportunity for communication with the wider South East Museum Development.

The work of the Advisory Panel is open and transparent and welcomes contributions from the broader museum community.

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