Black Lives Matter Statement

Black Lives Matter

Museum Development UK (MDUK), of which South East Museum Development is a part, stands in solidarity with Black Communities which include museum employees, volunteers and visitors.

As Museum Development providers we recognise our role, alongside that of museums, to develop an inclusive sector that challenges and opposes racism.

Arts Council England, and Museums Galleries Scotland have issued statements in support of the Movement. As a network, MDN is currently taking time to reflect and initiate new dialogues to explore meaningful and sustainable actions.

We WILL actively listen, educate ourselves and take action.

Further information about our commitment to diversity and inclusion can be found within our aims.


MDUK’s overarching goal is to support diverse, inclusive and innovative museums that welcome people from all backgrounds. Together we create a thriving museum sector by raising standards, driving excellence and supporting people working in museums.

Museum Development UK aims to:

  1. Ensure that everyone can experience and be inspired by museums. From the teacher planning a class visit, the student seeking work experience, families visiting during holidays, community groups using galleries for creative activity, to the volunteers who help keep the museum running: we promote museums as safe, inclusive and accessible spaces for all to enjoy.
  2. Ensure that excellence is at the heart of the museum sector. That means supporting museums to deliver quality exhibitions, events, activities and services and to maintain sector-recognised professional standards and legal requirements.
  3. Support skills development for people working in museums. MDN delivers a range of training and professional development opportunities for the museum workforce. We are committed to working with appropriate partners to deliver specialist training to build staff confidence, and delivering training on equality, diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias.
  4. Support museums to deliver quality services for communities. In order to thrive, museums need to be relevant to the communities across the UK. We support governance work on Equality and Diversity planning so that organisations represent the communities they serve. We also help museums understand their visitor market to develop programmes to grow and diversify their audiences.
  5. Help museums manage their collections ethically and creatively. Holding art and museum collections in trust for future generations is a central activity for museums. We promote best practice for managing cultural assets and help museums communicate the stories that connect their collections to visitors and the communities.
  6. Deliver grant programmes to strengthen museum services. In addition to providing advice, guidance and training, we support all of the above through small grants programmes.

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