Touring Exhibition Group – Economics of Touring Exhibitions Resources

In April 2015 the Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG) was awarded £40,000 investment from Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund, to support the delivery of a two-year research and training programme, titled Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Models for Practice, exploring the economics of touring exhibitions in the UK today.

TEG is pleased to make available the following documents in association with this programme:

Economics of Touring Exhibitions Survey Report: An Analysis of Touring Exhibitions Practice in the UK,

Download TEG_Economics_of_Touring_Exhibitions_Survey_Report.pdf…

Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Recommendations for Practice

Download TEG_Economics_of_Touring_Exhibitions___Recommendations_for__Practice.pdf…

Toolkit: Developing an Economic and Production Strategy for Touring Exhibitions

Download TEG_Toolkit___Developing_an_Economic_and_Production__Strategy_for_Touring_Exhibitions.pdf…



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