Presentations from ‘Museum Trustee Day 2017’

This day was an opportunity for Trustees from museums across the area to get together and receive an induction or refresher about the museum sector and good governance. The event was a partnership project between the South East Museum Development and the Association of Independent Museums (AIM) Hallmarks. Both are funded by Arts Council England.

‘The Museum Sector in a Nutshell’ by Jaane Rowehl

This induction (or refresher) session provided an overview of the museum world shining a light on the external factors that impact on, or support, your operations.

Download JR_presentation_for_Trustee_Day.pptx…

‘What Trustees Need to Know’ by Adrian Babbidge

This session aimed at helping Trustees better understand their duties and to equip them with the appropriate knowledge to undertake them, including what questions you should be able to answer as part of your ability to keep a good overview of the museum’s health.

Download 2017___AIM_Portsmouth.pptx…

More Resources

Following the discussions on the day, Adrian and Jaane have pulled together a selection of other useful recources for Museum Trustees:

Trustee Induction guide

Download Trustee_Induction.pdf…

Charity Commission (2015) 'The essential Trustee – what you need to know, what you need to do'

Download 2015_Charity_Commission_Essential_Trustee.pdf…

Charity Governance Code for Smaller Charities (often defined as those with an income under £1m)

Download 2017___Charity_Governance_Code_for_Smaller_Charities.pdf…

Charity Governance Code for Larger Charities (often defined as those with an income above £1m)

Download 2017___Charity_Governance_Code_Larger_Charities.pdf…

Guide on 'What Trustees can't delegate'

Download Non_Delegable_Authority.pdf…

Museum Association (2015) – Code of Ethics for Museums

Download MA_Code_of_Ethics.pdf…

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