Materials from Museum Collections Funding Fair 2016

A day introducing funders of museum collections projects held at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth on 13th December 2016


Art Fund

Presented by Emma Coleman and Merrin Kalinowski:

Download 1_Art_Fund.pdf…

V&A Purchase Grants

Presented by Julia Brettell:

Download 2_V_A_Purchase_Grants.pdf…

TEG: Preparing to Borrow

Presented by Ann Barnes:

Download 3_TEG.pdf…

MA/Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund

Presented by Jonathan Catherall:

Download 4_MA_EsmeeFairbairn.pdf…

AIM Grants Schemes

Presented by Tamalie Newbery:

Download 5_AIM.pdf…

HLF Resilient Heritage

Presented by Joseph Minden:

Download 6_HLF.pdf…

Thank you!

We are grateful for the support of Arts Council England for funding this event, and to the Mary Rose Museum for hosting and supporting it.