Partnership Working in the Arts and Humanities: A Guide to Good Practice

This good practice guide is for use by both arts and humanities researchers and potential user communities (for example businesses, social enterprises, policy organisations) who wish to embark on or are already working in a partnership project.

The advice covers both parties’ perspectives and covers the partnership’s full life cycle – from identifying and contacting a potential partner through to managing a joint project, promoting/using the project’s results and subsequent sustainability opportunities for the partnership.

This guide is offered in the spirit of sharing advice and experience of those who have undertaken partnership projects; clearly this needs to be interpreted according to the specific circumstances of your project.

Please contact AHRC’s Knowledge Exchange and Partnerships Team if you would like to discuss any of the information in the guide, or indeed have any of your own good practice tips to share. From time to time they shall update this guide with video case studies and other material – do let AHRC know if you feel your project should be included as a case study.

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