Annual Data Survey 2018/19


South East Museum Development conducted its Annual Data Survey of museums in Autumn 2019. The purpose of the survey was to gather evidence to help demonstrate and prove the social and economic importance of museums both locally and regionally to funders and stakeholders.

The survey asked museums and heritage organisations across the region to provide core statistical data about their visitors, educational engagement, volunteers, staff and financial operations for the period 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019.

We can reveal that over 62% (153) of the 240 Accredited and 12 Working Towards Accreditation (WTA) museums responded to this year’s survey – 11% higher than in 2017-18 which had a participation rate of 51% of museums in the region. This is a fantastic result and we are extremely grateful to all of the respondent museum who took the time to complete the survey.

All respondent museums should have received a personal email from our team with a copy of the final report, along with personalised economic impact data. You can also download a copy of the full report below.

South East annual survey of museums 2018-19 FINAL

Key Statistics

  • 153 museums took part (62% response rate;  11% increase from last year)
  • There were a total of 6,544,900 visits to south east museums.
  • Museums delivered 8,064 formal learning and outreach sessions engaging 307,811 participants.
  • £40,720,895 was generated by 87% of respondent museums in earned income.
  • Known visits to museums had a gross visitor impact of £127.3 million to the South East economy.
  • Volunteers contributed a total of 970,916 hours to museums, equivalent to 588 Full Time Equivalent posts.
  • At least 1,479 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) direct, indirect and induced jobs were supported by museums.

What’s in it for museums?

  • Advocacy – use this evidence to make the case for your social and economic value in order to sustain investment and encourage organisational growth.
  • Performance Benchmarking – the report provides a consistent data set to compare your museum’s operational context with regional partners.
  • Informing Strategy – understanding your operational context will support your business planning.
  • Fundraising – the data can be used as evidence to support funding applications or to express your value to both funders and your audiences.

Previous Annual Data Surveys

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