Mentoring Museums in a Crisis 

Event Date:3 July 2020 10:00 am — 3 July 2020 11:30am


Delivery: Online, via Zoom


Do you support another, smaller museum voluntarily through mentoring or are you interested in doing so in the near future?


The SEMD Museum Development Officer (Accreditation), Kate Hebditch, with London Museum Development MDOs Yvette Shepherd and Helen O’Hara are offering an information and networking session for Accreditation mentors. Its purpose is to support you with understanding this key role, to discuss its challenges within a new support network and to equip you with skills and tools to help your mentored organisation through the Covid crisis and towards a new future. Content will include:

  • Overview of the role and changes since new Accreditation Standard in 2018
  • Discussion of key challenges​
  • Mentoring Museums through crisis​
  • Skills for mentors​
  • Handling difficult situations​
  • Mentoring at a distance​
  • Tools for mentors to use to structure conversation and analysis​

This session will enable participants to gain confidence generally and update their knowledge about the role, to reflect on communication styles such as coaching, and to know about some practical tools to guide governing bodies’ in their planning, with links to investigate further. It is hoped that a new mentors’ support network will be formed as a result, so that further, informal sessions can be offered according to need.

You can find out more about the session and book a place, on the London Museum Development website:

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