Materials from Object TLC Study Visit (Hampshire Solent)

Materials from th Object TLC Study Visit to Hampshire Cultural Trust HQ, Chilcomb House, Winchester on Friday 13 March 2015. Includes links to the Museum of London e-learning that was required prework for the visit.

This event was designed to help museums to give their objects a bit of Tender Loving Care! By following good practice and adhering to standards, objects can be stored, displayed and handled in a way that ensures their long term preservation.

Attendees developed their knowledge through easy-to-follow online learning modules and then applied what they had learned to real objects at Chilcomb House. During this small group study visit Hampshire Cultural Trust's Principal Conservator, Amanda Sutherland, demonstrated key techniques and gave participants the opportunity to practice them. They also had the opportunity to visit some of the stores at Chilcomb and get ideas about how to improve their museum's storage and see behind the scenes of the conservation lab.

You can find potential suppliers of storage materials on the Museums Association's suppliers database, under the category 'Conservation materials and equipment' – other suppliers exist.

The Institute of Conservation (Icon) Conservation Register provides contact details of many professionally qualified conservators in the UK (other conservators exist!) – the site also provides helpful guidance on choosing and working with a conservator, an introduction to conservation reports and faact sheets on the care and conservation of a range of different materials or objects

SHARE Museums East – Hazards in museum collections

News update on Health and Safety legislation relevant to museum collections containing asbestos, February 2015, explaining the process for exemption certificates.

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On our website you will find loads more resources to help you to give your objects TLC. Topics include:

  • Pest identification and management
  • Object handling
  • Packing and storage
  • Environmental controls
  • Labelling and marking

and loads more! Take a look around and use the 'tags' on the left hand side of the Resources section screen to filter your results.

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