Emergency Planning: Floorplan Construction Guide

Procedure for creating museum and gallery floor plans to be used in Emergency Planning, using MSPowerPoint.

Produced by Keith Smith of the New Forest Centre as part of the work of the Hampshire Solent 'Emergency Preparedness' Peer Development Group.

The original Powerpoint is too large a file to upload so is presented as two sections that can be reunited after download.

Procedure for Plans – MS Powerpoint Part 1 of 2

Download procedure_for_plans___part_1.pptx…

Procedure for Plans – MS Powerpoint Part 2 of 2

Download procedure_for_plans___part_2.pptx…

Procedure for Plans: PDF of entire PowerPoint

Download Procedure_for_creating_Plans.pdf…

Notes on Procedure for Plans

Download Procedure_for_creating_Plans_1.pdf…

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