SMA delivers ‘SMART’ New Standards

Posted on: 5 May 2020

Posted 5 May 2020

The Society for Museum Archaeology is pleased to announce the publication of:

Standards and Guidance in the Care of Archaeological Collections
Gail Boyle & Anooshka Rawden (Eds.) SMA 2020

Covering the Care, Management and Use of archaeological collections with 71 pages, 11 expert contributors and providing links to more than 200 sources and resources online and in print.

This brand new free publication has resulted from the‘SMART’(Society for Museum Archaeology Resources and Training)Project funded by Arts Council England.It seeks to update standards which were produced in 1992 by the Museum and Galleries Commission. Although the 1992 Standards remain a useful guide, they are recognised as being outdated and no longer reflect the reality of archaeology collections management in light of a rapidly changing sector.

The updated content was produced after evidence mapping exercises and consultation with focus groups and sector representatives in 2019. The results will act as a signpost all those who work with archaeological collections, whether professionally or voluntarily, whether a subject specialist or not, to current best practice.In addition to this, SMA has also produced a series of 14 individual fact sheets in support of the new standards relative to the care of different types of material found in archaeological collections.It is with thanks to Arts Council England for its Subject Specialist Network Fund grantto the Society for Museum Archaeology, and support from a wide range of recognised thematic and collections specialists, that these new Standards have been made possible.

The new standards and fact sheets are free to download from the SMA website and also via the Collections Trust, which has generously added them to the resources they make publicly available:

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