Materials from Hampshire Military Museums Network seminar: ‘Volunteering in Military Museums’

Materials from the Hampshire Military Museums Network seminar 'Volunteering in Military Museums' Wednesday 20 May 2015 at the Gurkha Museum.


Mary Rose Museum Case Study – Trevor Sapey, ‎Community Engagement, Outreach and Access Officer

Download Community_Engagement_and_Volunteer_Recuitment.pdf…

Recruiting volunteers: extend your reach, build your workforce – Lucy Marder, Museum Development Officer

Download SEMD_HMMN_volunteering_20150520.pdf…

Volunteering in military museums: legal/statutory background –

Claire Merritt, Solicitor, Employment, Paris Smith LLP

Download Volunteering_General_Format__00411619xD3AB8_.pdf…

Paris Smith Charity Forum, mentioned by Claire Merritt

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