Isle of Wight Museums Forum


The Isle of Wight Museums Forum is supported by South East Museum Development. It’s an information and learning network for museums on the Isle of Wight.  Its aims are:

  • To act as an information and learning network
  • To facilitate internal and external communication, consultation and liaison
  • To achieve economies of scale in joint initiatives
  • To contribute to policy development and strategy formulation
  • To help promote the Island’s heritage and the care of collections
  • To help raise standards in museum practice


Membership is open to:

  • Accredited museums based on the Isle of Wight
  • Island museums or other bodies actively working towards Accreditation
  • Public agencies and organisations whose remit includes the support or provision of Island museums.


For more information contact Museum Development Officers Stephen Lowy ( or Katrina Burton (

The Isle of Wight Museums Forum operates with a rotating chair.


Isle of Wight


Twice a year


Minutes are taken by a volunteer at each meeting and circulated to Forum members.

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