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AccreditationHere you can find trusted resources that support the UK Museum Accreditation Scheme. They have been brought together by the UK Accreditation partners, together with the museum development providers that support UK museums. The recommended resources are reviewed to make sure they stay current.

  • Managing collections

  • Organisational health

  • Users and their experiences

The Accreditation scheme sets out nationally-agreed standards of good practice and enables museums to assess their current performance, as well as supporting them to plan and develop their services.  It covers three broad areas of museum activity: organisational health; collections; and users and their experiences. Under these main headings, we have listed the specific requirements of the standard, where you can find resources relevant to each. You can also find relevant case studies by choosing the case study filter.

Supporting guidance for the Accreditation Scheme is also available from the Arts Council England website.

Accreditation partners

You can find the official Accreditation standard and other documents on the websites of the four partners – Arts Council England, Museums Galleries Scotland, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Museums Council – along with information about the advice and other support available in each home nation.

Link to Arts Council England Accreditation webpages Link to Museums Galleries Scotland Accreditation page CyMAL logo Link to Northern Ireland Museums Council Accreditation webpage

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