Top tips on Arts Council grant applications

What are Arts Council England (ACE) Project Grants?

Arts Council England (ACE) is responsible for leading the strategic development of the museum sector.  They have been given this responsibility by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

One way ACE supports the museum sector is by providing funding through a variety of grant schemes.   Project Grants are one of ACE’s most popular funding schemes.

What museum activity can be funded with an ACE Project Grant?

ACE Project Grants can help museum fund a range of activity:  gallery refurbishments, collections research, digitisation projects, community engagement work, temporary exhibitions, audience development activity, changes to governance and educational programming.

Until March 2021, museums can also apply for support that relates to their recovery and reopening plans in response to the Covid pandemic.

How much and I apply for? What are the deadlines?

  • You can apply for up to £100,000
  • £59.8 million available until April 2021
  • 10% match funding requirement is waived until April 2021
  • Proposals up to £15,000 (6-week turn around on assessment)
  • Proposals over £15,000 (12-week turn around on assessment)

How do I apply for an ACE Project Grant?

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