Editing posts

  • Much of your resources and articles can be found under Posts, this is so they can be distributed in varying / multiple places across the site
  • On the right hand side of a post you can select a category that it belongs to, this will inform where it appears on the front end
  • On a job post you can set an expiry date using the date picker on the right hand side, select the month, year and then day to fill in the field. You can also type it straight in. When this date comes around the post will disappear from the site and will move to Trash in the back end. After 30 days it will be deleted automatically.
  • To edit the main category text on the page go to Posts > Categories. You can also edit the image which will appear at the top of the page.
  • If you have received an email notification from a third party museum who has posted a job you will be able to go into Posts and see them as drafts. As an admin you will be able to check the information and publish the post to the site.

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