Emily’s Winter Conservation Bulletin

Here are a few points to look out for in Winter:

  • Remember to check your heating systems and water pipes to prevent any leaks. Make sure your pipes are lagged properly
  • Make sure all windows and doors will be water tight over the winter
  • This is an important time to be checking your front door mats. Make sure they are still absorbent and in good condition. Give them a good clean to refresh them and change where necessary. Think about purchasing additional matting for those particular wet days where your visitor will be bringing the outside weather in with them
  • If your thinking about introducing additional heating in the form of heater – try to use oil fill radiators as these give out a more gradually heat and are a lower fire risk then fan heaters
  • If you have particularly damp spaces over the winter and use de-humidifiers, make sure they are in good working order and there is a system set up to empty them regularly.
  • Have a place to leave umbrellas and wet coats or umbrella bags available to contain drips
  • Check stores, attic spaces, chimneys for hibernating animals
  • Check and replace your pest traps. This should be done quarterly
  • If closing to the public or reducing opening hours it is a good time have a through clean of your display areas and check your objects thoroughly for signs of wear, rust or tarnishing, or pest infestation. Once clean, cover your items on open display to protect them from dust and debris falling on them while the museum is closed.
  • Complete an inventory check, especially if you have a lot of objects on open display
  • Make sure there is some sort of rota in place for checking the museum security, water pipes, heating etc, especially over the Christmas period

If you would like training or advice on object cleaning, housekeeping cleaning and routines, conservation equipment, pest control or any other aspects of preventive conservation contact Emily.

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