South East Annual Survey of Museums 2017-18

This annual benchmarking survey is aimed at museums in the region who are Accredited or currently Working Towards Accreditation. The information received from your survey responses helps us – and you –  to demonstrate the social and economic impact and importance of museums and heritage sites both locally and regionally to funders and stakeholders, helping to sustain investment in our sector. We utilise a range of tools, including the AIM Economic Impact of Independent Museums Toolkit, and AIM visitor spend calculations, to specifically analyse data for the South East region. Your surveys:

  • Support advocacy.
  • Support economic impact assessments.
  • Support benchmarking.
  • Provide statistics to inform ACE on the regional sector.

We received a 10% increase in responses compared with previous years we have run the survey, so many thanks for your support. We will be contacting museums in 2019 requesting your participation in the next Annual Survey of Museums. We hope to increase participation again in order to ensure data better reflects the wider region. Your input helps us and national agencies such as ACE and DCMS to better understand the needs of the regional sector, and ensure the valuable contributions that you make to the regional economy is visible.

You can now find the 2017-18 survey below.

South East Annual Survey of Museums 2017-18

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