Making Digital Fit 2019 Training Session

Making Digital Fit 2019 Training Session

This was a one day training event aimed at those working or volunteering for museums that are Accredited or working towards Accreditation with the south east.  The training objectives for the day were:

  • Find out about innovative developments within the sector
  • to identify ways that digital resources such as websites, social media and other digital assets can be used to support your museum
  • consider your audiences when you wish to create or develop new digital resources
  • develop an understanding of which digital resources to use, whether to reach specific audiences or improve access

The Speakers were:

  • Anra Reynolds, Culture 24 “Providing the Cultural context, what’s new, what’s working…”
  • Adam Koszary, Museum of English Rural Life, “Absolute Unit and other tales of going viral”
  • Georgina Brooks, Gardens Libraries and Museums, University of Oxford “Developing an effective content strategy for cultural institutions”
  • Nick Seagrave, Hampshire Cultural Trust “Creating a new digital resource”
  • Kevin Bacon, Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museums, “Digital programming through the ages”
  • Helen Adams, Digital Engagement Lead, Gardens Libraries and Museums, University of Oxford “Trends, best practice and 21st-century visitor expectations”

Download Digital_Trends___visitor_expectations_Oxford_Uni_SEMD_1.pdf…

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